Usage examples for assumes

  1. " Lord Landsdowne assumes the letter continues, " that the Bank desires to send a number of gentlemen to the East African Protectorate to establish whether there is in that territory land suitable for the purpose in view; should this prove to be the case, he will be happy to give them every assistance in bringing them together with His Majesty's Congress, the conditions under which the settlement could be carried out. – The Jewish State by Theodor Herzl Commentator: Louis Lipsky Alex Bein
  2. Thyrsis You will not yet forget your glooms, The heavy heart, the downcast eye, The cheek that scarce a smile assumes The never- ending sigh! – The Poems of Philip Freneau, Volume I (of III) by Philip Freneau
  3. Because the fine " meal- like" red points are in such close proximity, the skin assumes a smooth " lobster red" color that is never to be forgotten. – The Mother and Her Child by William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler