Synonyms for Assign:


give out, yield, part with, hand. dispatch, pack off, farm out, money, parachute, bundle off, collect, appropriate, route, relocate, ship. characterize, sort, class, classify, grade, bracket, categorize, admeasure, measure out, group, rank. move, rearrange, put back, affix, fasten, put off, pin on, reschedule, bring forward, schedule, time, postpone. deed, convey, alien, make over, law, sign over, cede, alienate. post, station. assign (noun)
attribute, designate, depute, allot, ascribe, repute, specify, impute, arrogate, portion, put, delegate.


allot (verb)
cut, share, allocate, allot, partition, distribute, split, parcel, give, Mete, portion, measure, dispense, divide, segment, apportion, budget, deal, allow, ration, slice, earmark.
attribute (verb)
attach, credit, place, accredit, acknowledge, mark, set, impute, apply, brand, ascribe, blame, cite, connect, attribute, cast, refer.
consign (verb)
broker, delegate, deputize, nominate, license, appoint.
delegate (verb)
charge, commission, designate, name, entrust, authorize.
deputize (verb)
arm, substitute.
give (verb)
disburse, lend, bestow, endow, award, assist, shower, deliver, expend, extend, grant, offer, pay, impart, provide, contribute, send, bequeath, devote, render, lavish, submit, dole, present, donate, furnish, consign, help, supply, serve, fund, tender, pledge.
select and give a responsibility (verb)
authorize, cast, delegate, appoint, hire, elect, ordain, ascribe, attach, accredit, nominate, credit, enroll, name, select, refer, entrust, allow, pin on, impute, commission, charge, designate, attribute, deputize, empower.
set apart for a reason (verb)
divide, prescribe, grant, relegate, give, Mete, allot, consign, specify, allocate, apportion, hand over, distribute, appropriate, earmark.
social (verb)
designate, delegate, depute.
transfer (verb)
transfer, change hands, exchange, sell, hand over.

Other synonyms:

pin on, admeasure, assignment, blind trust, bail. cancellation, alienation, attest. cede, affix, alienate. cause, rank. station. fasten. convey. arrange
make over, sign over.
Other relevant words:
confirm, cause, select, move, arrogate, class, time, schedule, cede, put, station, relocate, hand, repute, sort, admeasure, pin on, bail, employ, group, farm out, enroll, deed, relegate, hire, post, depute, give out, alienate, elect, rank, dispatch, sign, convey, alien, affix, assignment, fasten, sign over, yield, specify, empower, classify, measure out, prescribe, ordain, appropriate, make over.

Usage examples for assign

  1. On this basis many tried to divide mankind into physical types and to assign to each its own intellectual and moral qualities. – The Black Experience in America The Immigrant Heritage of America by Norman Coombs
  2. They assign as a reason for this, the exceptionally dry region in which Ararat is situated. – Across Asia on a Bicycle by Thomas Gaskell Allen and William Lewis Sachtleben
  3. It is very difficult to assign a fixed date to the arrival of the Parsis in Bombay. – Les Parsis by D. Menant