Synonyms for Ammoniac:


pert (adjective)


ammoniac (noun)
ammoniacal, gum ammoniac.
substance (noun)
gum ammoniac.

Usage examples for ammoniac

  1. But they continued to give him their remedies of Sal Ammoniac and Peruvian Bark, and later the Oriental Bezoar Stone, which is a pebble, I understand, taken from the stomach of a goat. – Oddsfish! by Robert Hugh Benson
  2. The borax and sal- ammoniac are powdered, mixed, and slowly heated until they melt. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  3. Ammoniac odours used to rise through the floor as we sat there at our long devotions. – Father and Son by Edmund Gosse